Man hits out at JobCentre

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An unemployed man has hit out at Ilkeston JobCentre amid claims an appointment clashed with his only chance to say a final goodbye to his late grandma.

Luke Clifford, 21, was scheduled to attend a compulsory review to gauge his eligibility for benefits. But it clashed with a visit to a chapel of rest to see his grandma, who died on July 22.

Luke told the ‘Tiser he suffers from anxiety, depression and severe asthma, which makes it difficult for him to work.

The review fell on Tuesday (August 5) — the only day he was able to go and view his grandma’s body.

He claimed he made attempts to change the appointment for the review but was told he risked losing his benefits if he didn’t attend.

“I obviously wasn’t going to choose money over family,” said Luke. “I tried changing the date, I dialled about seven phone numbers, but it was like going round in circles.”

The two appointments could have clashed because of the time-slot given for the review.

Luckily, Luke was visited half an hour before he had to leave for the chapel of rest in Sherwood, Nottingham.

JobCentre Plus said attempts had been made to reschedule the appointment and that no threat of benefits being cut was made.