Man tried to get in car of Ilkeston mum

Traffic lights at the junction of Shipley Common Lane and Heanor Road, Ilkeston.
Traffic lights at the junction of Shipley Common Lane and Heanor Road, Ilkeston.

An Ilkeston mum-of-two has been left shaken after a man tried to get into her car when she had stopped at traffic lights.

Deborah Collighan, 47, who runs her own hair dressing salon in Shipley View, was driving to the shop to buy a birthday card. When she stopped at traffic lights, close to the junction of Shipley Common Lane and Heanor Road, a man tried to open the passenger side door.

Fortunately, the car was locked, but despite Deborah shouting at the man to stop, he continued to try the door, staring her straight in the face as he did so.

She said: “To be honest, at the time I was shocked but quite calm, especially when I reported it to the police. I didn’t want to come across as a drama queen. The following day I think it sunk in as to what may have happened if he had got into the car. “

As the lights turned green, she drove off and turned left on to Heanor Road ready to turn in to Bellini’s garage. The man is said to have also followed, turned left, and then ran off in the direction of Ilkeston Hospital.

She said: “Maybe he wanted to pinch something or maybe something more sinister, who knows.

“To be honest, I am so glad neither of my children were with me in the car, as they would have been sat in that seat, and it would have scared her to death. But, nothing did happen and I was lucky, let’s hope everyone else is too.”

The incident has since been reported to the police.

Deb was quick to take to Facebook to warn others about the incident, with the status getting just under than 6,000 shares on the social media site.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Police said: “ A woman rang us on Saturday, January 9 to report that a man had tried her car door while she was parked at traffic lights. She provided a description of the man and we alerted officers who were patrolling in the area at that time but no one matching the description was found.

We have had no similar incidents reported to us.”

Deborah received a number of messages from people on FB saying they had seen a man of the same description. One was a lady from the care home bungalows, who said they had seen a man hanging around all week, another from a lady who had walked her dog later that night.