Manifestos for 2011 Borough elections

The three main parties standing in Erewash have announced their election pledges...

Conservative promises

No increase in council tax this year.

The opening of Ilkeston Railway Station ‘will remain a high priority.’

Make it so some new premises have to provide public toilet facilities as part of their license.

Free parking trial of 35 spaces in Ilkeston.Make ‘graffiti buster’ kits available to householders and community groups to tackle the problem.

Consider a council-wide apprenticeship scheme.

Refurbish the automatic watering system at Pewit Golf Course, Ilkeston.

‘Vigorously consult’ with all developers and residents over Stanton development.

Improve existing allotments by providing new signage and halving large plots ‘where excess size creates a problem’.

Continue to offer support to Ilkeston Football Club.

Labour promises

Work with shop owners, traders and shoppers to improve the local economy.

Introduce cheaper short-stay car parking.

Promote Erewash as a ‘good place to do business and somewhere for industry to grow.’

Bring back free dog mess bags for dog owners to clean up after their pets.

Prosecute dog owners who do not clean up.

Respond to litter problems.

Improve opportunities to recycle.Bring back a pest control service.

Bring back free swimming for under-16s and over-60s.

Re-open leisure centres on Bank Holidays.

Promote access to the borough’s open spaces and woodland.

Maintain regeneration as a high priority.

Liberal Democrat promises

Encourage recycling by introducing large recycling bins for every block of flats in the borough.

Provide more recycling bins in public areas such as parks, leisure centres and town centres.

Encourage cycling by installing bike racks in town centres.

Work with partners to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Reallocate resources to focus on economic regeneration projects within the borough.

Work to preserve libraries, community centres and artistic facilities.

Encourage and develop Ilkeston and Long Eaton markets.

Promote free wi-fi in town centres.

Encourage use of parks and open spaces by organising more events.

Encourage private investment in leisure centre and provide more at council-owned centres.