Mast campaigners will ‘fight to end’

Phone mast in Ilkeston
Phone mast in Ilkeston

Battle lines have been drawn between residents and a mobile phone giant over plans to site a permanent mast on Field Road.

A temporary mast is currently in operation but EE are in pre-consultation with residents over a permanent structure.

People living on the tree lined street are unhappy with the plans and were angered when an agent acting on behalf of the phone network provider sent them a list of potential other sites with reasons why they were not suitable.

There were 23 suggested sites including Inter Hire Power Tool Service on Park Road, and highways owned land off Park Roads.

They were deemed unsuitable because they were deemed to close to residential areas and would be ‘too visually intrusive and “as such would cause siting and appearance issues.”

Kathryn Newbery told the Advertiser: “We haven’t been given the opportunity to give our reasons for not wanting it there, yet these 23 sites have already been discounted.

“We have all made our opinions known to all of the companies involved.

“We do not want this mast right here on our door steps, temporary or permanent.

“The one on the college before was different, it was further away and much less intrusive.

“we will fight this all the way.”

The residents have started an online petition to sign it visit

A spokseman for EE said: “We are presently undertaking a pre-planning consultation process with residents of Field Road, outlining our proposals and asking for their views.

“Although near to houses, the proposed permanent mast at the top of Field Road will be lower than the present temporary mast, of a very slim design, and set among trees on the site.

“The area has long been served by a telecoms mast, and although this is a proposed replacement to the previous college site, it is not introducing a new mast to the area.

“No date has yet been fixed for submission of a planning application and talks are continuing with the local planning authority.

“Following any planning application, residents have the opportunity to participate in the local authority’s own consultation process to make representations on proposed schemes.”

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