Mayors make their wish list for next year

Amber valley borough councillor 2012 - 2013. Mayor John Nelson
Amber valley borough councillor 2012 - 2013. Mayor John Nelson

As 2013 starts we put the Mayors of Ripley, Heanor and Amber Valley on the spot and asked what their wishes are for the next 12 months.

After a year which has seen continued bad news for the economy, it’s no surprise that all three hope for an improvement in the country’s fortunes.

But alongside an end to the recession, all three mayors have plans for the communities they represent.

Steve Daley, Mayor of Ripley, said: “Obviously an end to the recession. In April the town council will be taking over the town hall and reopening some of the rooms for charitable and voluntary organisations.

“Their funding has been cut back by the recession so we should be able to help a few people out. We will be reopening the public toilets at the back of Market Place - that’s one of our goals.”

Bob Janes, Mayor of Heanor, said: “I would like to see the whole community pull together. Whether it’s churches, the voluntary sector or the town council.

“I would like to see them all really trying to pull together to improve the lot of the community in Heanor. I think its important everyone pulls together. I want to restore Heanor to something like its former prosperity.”