Meeting a ‘shambles’

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I was not aware that Cllr Orchard’s memory was so affected (Walk Out At Meeting, letter, Nov 8).

If Labour – members did walk out of the meeting before it had finished it is both understandable and excusable because of the shambolic way the meeting was conducted having at one point three separate chairmen!

However I cannot see how Labour members are supposed to have missed the item on scrutiny, which was the first item of business on the agenda, and then have suddenly been there for the ‘discussions’ on the constitution.

I think Cllr Orchard is confusing what happened in her group’s secret pre-meeting with the leader of the council with what actually happened in the main meeting.

All that happened regarding the scrutiny proposals was that Cllr Parkinson moved three of the six recommendations and the chairman quickly put the matter to the vote – no discussion took place at all.

This then set the tone for the constitutional changes.

Far from there being ‘ample time to discuss the changes’, Cllr Parkinson read these out at such a rapid pace that he got himself lost at several points and had to be brought back on track by the leader of the council who took over chairing the meeting at that point in order to railroad these changes through.

Even the officers of the council present could not annotate their papers quickly enough which shows that they had not been appraised of any of the change.

Then when one of them tried to speak on a point he was rudely told by Cllr Miller to be quiet and threw his papers down in disgust.

Something I have never witnessed in my 23 years as an elected member.

I understand complaints have been made to the chief executive about the way this meeting was conducted. 
Perhaps this has prompted Cllr Orchard’s letter two weeks after the event?

I do hope Cllr Orchard’s memory improves in the future.

Cllr Frank Phillips

Ilkeston Central