Meetings called off due to no business

Ilkeston town hall
Ilkeston town hall

A series of upcoming council meetings have been cancelled by Erewash Borough Council due to lack of business.

Meetings including a planning committee, scheduled for June 4, a scrutiny committee meant to take place tonight and a licensing and public protection committee due to meet on June 12, have all been struck off the calendar.

Leader of Erewash Borough Council, Cllr Chris Corbett explained: “When there is perhaps one or two items on an agenda we have a look at whether they can be dealt with at the following meeting or without holding a meeting.

“Council meetings are expensive and as a council we are committed to ensuring rate payers get value for money.

“If we were to allow meeting s with very little business to go ahead then we wouldn’t be doing that.”

Meetings are scheduled well in advance allowing the relevant councillors sufficient notice.

Any items that are set to appear at meetings that are cancelled are discussed at a later date or dealt with in a non-meeting setting.

Cllr Corbett added: “It’s not unusual, especially at this time of year for meetings to be cancelled.

“If there are fuller agendas then obviously meetings go ahead as planned.”