Members demand high street action

NILALC100809B1 - Ilkeston Town Hall
NILALC100809B1 - Ilkeston Town Hall
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Erewash councillors fear the borough has no plan to save Ilkeston’s struggling high street after the closure of the town’s beloved Co-op.

Under new central government plans the borough will now keep a portion of the council tax collected from businesses to spend on local services .

This will act as an incentive to attract more business in our area but some council members worry the authority is not doing enough - especially after the recent closure of the Co-op .

The comments came during a full council meeting of Erewash Borough Council last Thursday when figures for the new council tax base and national non domestic rate (NNDR) base for 2013-2014 were approved.

Howard Griffiths, Labour ward councillor for Derby Road East, said: “If we lose NNDR from Ilkeston Co-op we’ve got a vested interest to encourage business into the area.

“What is there in the budget for economic development next year to bring about the changes in our economic fortunes so the burden is lessened on the tax-payer?”

The NNDR rate for 2013-2014, based on the ratable value of 3,379 business properties, has been set at £24,188,775.

Labour leader Alex Phillips told the meeting he feared the ruling group did not have a plan to improve what he called a ‘crisis on the high street.’

“The base rate is paid for by the Co-op - that will be gone in July.

“More businesses are closing than opening in the borough - when are we going to put our money where our mouths are and get serious about high street regeneration?”

Council leader Chris Corbett, speaking after the meeting, said: “We are already doing a lot for Erewash and the details will be revealed at the executive meeting in February.”