Memorable police moments at the fair

Official Opening of Ilkeston's Charter Fair, Market Place and surrounding areas. Cllr Pat Murray on the carousel.
Official Opening of Ilkeston's Charter Fair, Market Place and surrounding areas. Cllr Pat Murray on the carousel.

Well, the Charter Fair has been and gone for another year, in the blink of an eye so it seems.

Events such as this always provide challenges for the emergency services and this year was no exception. There were a few stand-out moments.

The ‘will they never learn?’ moment was actually spread throughout the whole fair, whereby we confiscated several dozen bottles and cans of alcohol from both children and adults, who seemed to have forgotten the message that you can’t drink up on the town.

That includes the youngsters who thought they could disguise it by putting it in a pop bottle, or stashing it out of sight (wrong on both counts).

The ‘Aaaaah’ moment came on Friday evening. A young girl was found separated from her parents. Sure enough, some minutes later a distraught father approached us, frantic with worry.

He was taken along to where his daughter was, safe at the medical point. The look of relief on both of their faces was a pleasure to behold.

It was a real human moment, and a good reminder that reuniting missing people with loved ones continues to be something that gives police officers great satisfaction.

Also on Friday evening there were no fewer than five ‘You’re-under-arrest’ moments. Apart from some of the weather, this was the only real disappointment of the fair.

Sadly some people (and I’m afraid to say mainly young ones), crossed the line. Bouncing around and barging into people, shouting and swearing, especially when drinking, isn’t ‘youthful high spirits’.

It’s unacceptable and those five saw some cell time. The evening ended in taking two of my officers to get checked after being injured in one of the arrests. Not good.

Fortunately neither was seriously hurt.

The ‘he’ll-never-live-this-down’ moment came on Saturday, when I attended a house with a colleague to deal with a fair-related incident. I will not mention his name to spare his blushes.

On speaking to the occupant at the back door, out bounded a large dog. We were told not to worry, as he was “very friendly”. A bit too friendly as it happens.

I turned around to see fido giving his amorous attentions to my colleague’s right leg!

Overall though, I would say it went pretty well. I hope if you went up you enjoyed yourselves and felt safe. Roll on next year!