Merged academies have bright future

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A new era will arrive for Ormiston Ilkeston Academy and Ormiston Enterprise Academy with the merger of these two very different schools due to both being put into special measures.

The merger of these two academies will take place in September. The current years seven and eight from Ormiston Ilkeston Academy will be staying on their current site.

According to my calculations, 11 out of 16 students disagreed with the merger because they “thought it would ruin their education”.

Frankly, I think that the merger won’t ruin our education because there will be a large amount of staff to teach the students. Each and every student between the two academies are unique in their own way. The staff will not tolerate things like bullying and there will be no distractions in lessons.

I have spoken to Mr Smith, the principal at Ormiston Ilkeston Academy and he has explained his thoughts on the merger.

I have also spoken to Mrs Robertson, the head of years seven to nine and she has experienced this type of merger before.

Ormiston Ilkeston Academy and Ormiston Enterprise Academy have very confident, bright futures together for the staff and the students at both schools.

I gladly wish the best for everyone involved.

Keera Allsebrook,

Year eight student,

Ormiston Ilkeston Academy