Merger will be ‘devastating’

NILALC100713K1 - Bennerley business college
NILALC100713K1 - Bennerley business college

It seems that our local school in Cotmanhay, Ilkeston, the former Bennerley Business and Enterprise College now looks like it might close.

Taken over by a “Trust” last year and therefore no longer under the local authority, in less than a year this owner has reported that it can’t now carry on running it and the pupils might have to go all the way up to Ilkeston School instead.

It is a fair way away from Cotmanhay and on the other side of town. This is devastating news as there has been a school here since the 1800s and it is such an integral part of our area, not only as a school but as a local amenity where residents meet up and use the facilities. This is our children’s education and our local community school and it shouldn’t be bought and sold like this and then dumped by the new owners. This will have serious long-term effects on Cotmanhay as a local community.

Education and schools belong to the people so should be run by the state via Derbyshire County Council on our behalf within our local communities.

Making them into academies means they have to act like businesses and compete for pupils and make money to survive. Our kids education is not supposed to be for sale!

This must be a very worrying time for the parents and young people now and they deserve, along with all of the residents of Cotmanhay proper answers and urgent action now from our MP Jessica Lee about this and also about the many other cuts to services and facilities that are happening to us.

Mrs Elizabeth Potter