Mess on brother’s grave ‘disgusting’

Leonard Norman at his brothers grave. Park cemetry Ilkeston.
Leonard Norman at his brothers grave. Park cemetry Ilkeston.
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A family were left devastated when a four foot high mound of mud and clay was piled on top of their brother’s grave.

Leonard Norman, of Stapleton Road, contacted the Advertiser shortly after visiting his brother Eric’s grave at Park Cemetery in Ilkeston on Monday. On Sunday he had received a phone call from his sister Dorothy who was in tears after visiting the grave and making the grim discovery.

Eric died in December, aged 61, after losing his battle with cancer. Leonard said: “They have dug a grave next to him, removed his cross, leaned it up against someone’s stone and mounded a load of mud on top of it.

“My sister called me yesterday after going down there and was in tears.

“To the right of it there is a gap of a couple of yards but they still piled it on top of him.

He added: “I think it’s absolutely disgusting that they had to pile it on top of his grave when there is room the other side. It will be moved but the point is that they decided to drop it on top of someone’s grave.”

Richard Ashley, green space and street scene manager at Erewash Borough Council, said: “We are aware this is a sensitive issue and understand how this can cause concern.

“However, it is a necessary and standard procedure to use graves alongside a new burial place.”

He added that it was done respectfully and the soil was later returned to the ground.