Missing owl fled from party

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A barn owl took off while it was the star attraction at a charity garden party and has not yet returned.

Bonnie the barn owl was last seen on Saturday 16 August at the party in a garden on Ladywood Road, Kirk Hallam.

Owner Lesley Robinson urges people to keep an eye out for Bonnie in trees, out-buildings, around chimney pots/roof tops and trees.

She said: “Bonnie would usually be asleep during the day, feeding at dawn and dusk, but if she feels hungry she may come down to people if she associates them with food. She won’t hurt you, if you can catch her – please do, it’s easier to approach her from the back and put your hands around her keeping her wings to her body (firm but gentle please) and the beak and talons away from you - but don’t frighten her away, just call us if that’s easier and we’ll get to you immediately.”

Please contact Lesley or Dave - 01159 305587 or 07773 680 264 or email Robinsonartworks@btinternet.com.