Missing pet cat took a van ride

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A distraught Shipley View family is appealing to townsfolk to look out for their pet cat after he accidently got shipped over to Eastwood in a van.

Jasper jumped into a neighbour’s van on Christmas Eve who, unknowingly, then drove to the town to deliver presents.

As the van pulled up in Church Street opposite Coronation Park, Jasper darted out and ran off, leaving the Stevenson family desperately trying to find him.

Mum Rachel Stevenson said: “He just bolted out the van. He is so far from home and is not used to being out at night.

“It’s just awful. He’s not just a pet, he’s a member of the family because we’ve had him since he was a kitten and he’s seven now.”

The family has been over to Eastwood every single day since he went missing, taking the cat’s toys to try and entice him.

“He had been to sleep on my son’s tracksuit the day before he went missing so I even took that over because I read you should take something with their scent on,” she said.

“My son’s only one-and-a-half and he’s really missing him. He just keeps saying ‘cat’,” said Mrs Stevenson.

“He’ll be looking for food and shelter so the chances are he could be hiding in someone’s back garden.”

Jasper is a large ginger Tomcat and has a very distinctive tail which looks like a fox’s.

He is friendly and has a white patch under his chin. He does not have a collar, but he is microchipped.