Mobile phone scam warning

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Con artists are receiving free mobile phones in a scam which has been reported for the first time in Derbyshire by a Kirk Hallam resident.

Police explained that the scammers pick a name and address from the phone book at random and ask a mobile phone network, such as Vodafone, to send out a contract mobile phone by courier.

Within 24 hours of receiving the phone, they then call the occupant claiming to be from the network and telling them there has been a mistake. They then send a fake courier round to pick the device up.

But because they have given fake or stolen direct debit details to the network, the scammers get away with a free contract mobile phone.

The network is left only with the address of the unsuspecting resident and the scammers are untraceable.

But the Kirk Hallam man, who received a phone to his Ladywood Road address on Friday July 26 smelled a rat and called the police.

A force spokesman said: “We advise that if you receive a phone that you have not ordered, ring the reputable phone company that it’s been dropped off by – don’t give it back to a courier.

“The phone company will send you a pre-paid envelope to send it back to them in.

“The phone companies are aware of this scam but it is the first time it has been reported to Derbyshire police.”