Money is to blame for plan

NILALC100713K1 - Bennerley business college
NILALC100713K1 - Bennerley business college

While it is clear that with falling rolls smaller schools are always under threat under any system, it is inevitable that academies, as businesses, will be quicker to see a financial rather than community angle.

Cotmanhay schools have always worked hard to serve their children and young people as well as they can and should be given the chance to continue to do so.

There must be ways in which both sites can be allowed to specialise and both communities can move to access those specialist elements rather than one set of young people being uprooted on a daily basis.

We know that in five years many more school places will be needed as the expanding demographic moves through into the secondary sector. Surely we need to look ahead and plan sensibly for future needs as well as take a short-term monetary decision which discriminates against one group?

Philip Hood

Derbyshire Green Party