‘More cash needed for a skatepark’

skate park
skate park

Labour councillors have welcomed cash for a skatepark in Kirk Hallam — but say more money is needed to bring Ilkeston in line with the rest of the borough.

Tory-run Erewash Borough Council is likely to pledge £30,000 at a meeting tonight (Thursday), but it is only match funding towards the £60,000 project.

Labour’s Cllr Louis Booth, who has campaigned for a skate park in Kirk Hallam for years, told the Advertiser: “We’re obviously not going to turn our noses up at it but at the same time it is a bit like scraps being chucked from the table.

“A report we have shows that £150,000 should have been spent in the north of the borough to bring that in line with the south of the borough, this is nowhere near that amount.

“If Labour are elected next May then the full £60,000 will be made available for this project.

“The sad thing about this is that because of a failure to make funding available before now a whole generation have already missed out on this facility.”

The Erewash Labour Group will submit a motion at tonight’s full council asking for the cash.

Their request will be met with the news that £30,000 will is in line to be made available.

Conservative Cllr Mike Wallis, lead member for culture and leisure, said: “A notice of motion will be included at tonight’s meeting to commit the council to provide £30,000 of funding to support this project.

“The total cost of the project will be in the region of £100,000 and the borough council will look forward to working with local groups and organisations in helping them raise monies to achieve a successful outcome for this project.

“The proposed Kirk Hallam skatepark is just part of a continued programme of replacement and refurbishment to bring first class youth facilities into all areas of our borough.”