Moss family thank police for catching dad’s killers

Michael Moss
Michael Moss

After the killers of Ilkeston dad-of-six Mick Moss have been jailed today for a combined total of 31 years family have released a statement.

Mr Moss’s ex-partner Collette Booth, 46, of Mill Street, Ilkeston was jailed for seven years by Judge Michael Stokes QC, Recorder of Nottingham.

Nathan Hall, 24, of Birchwood Road, Somercotes, and Jamie Elliott, 27, of Hall Road, Alfreton, have each been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The victim’s family said: “Losing Michael the way we have is something we have to try and come to terms with.

“Having to go through this trial has been extremely emotional and tiring.

“We hope after this we will be able try and put it behind us and slowly begin to heal.

“They may have taken Michael away from us but they will never be able to take the good memories we have of him.”

They also paid tribute to the police and legal team.

The statement said: “We would like to express our thanks to the Major Crime Team for their hard work in finding the people responsible for Michael’s death and for working constantly to bring them before the court.

“DCI Lisa MacIntyre, Det Sgt Mark Shaw and Det Con Ryan Millard are just a few of these members.

“Also Mr Joyce QC and Mr Wolfson (CPS), who have all built a case worthy of the verdict.

“We would also like to sincerely thank Det Con Tony Owen and Det Con Damien Lowe who took the roles of family liaison officers.

“They have given us support all the way from the night Michael died. We have bombarded them with text and phone calls. They have seen us at our lowest but they have always been there for each and every one

of us. We couldn’t have gotten through this without either of them.”