Motorists hit back on Bath Street ban

Police target drivers going up Bath Street in Ilkeston. Pc Chris Hamilton and Pc Simon Doar.
Police target drivers going up Bath Street in Ilkeston. Pc Chris Hamilton and Pc Simon Doar.

People have responded in their droves to our story about drivers being punished for using Bath Street as a shortcut through Ilkeston.

Last week we reported that police had started a major crackdown on motorists driving up the pedestrianised road.

Since then we’ve had a barrage of comments from Tiser readers, many of whom didn’t even realise there were any restrictions in place.

Cameron Bates was stopped by police when driving up Bath Street after 4pm. He was told if he was caught again he would be fined.

He said: “If they are serious about cars not driving up then they seriously need to revise the signage and start making people aware on Sundays in particular.

“Penalising a handful of people on a Monday afternoon is not going to sit well.

“Also I find the rule about emergency vehicles and disabled people ridiculous. Does this rule also mean lorries delivering to Greggs and Superdrug early in the mornings are also liable to be fined? Never once have I seen a police officer or traffic warden bothered by this.”

On Twitter, Steven Mason said: “They need bigger no entry signs, and why not have a camera, like a red light camera, which takes snaps of everyone that drives up?”

Danny Lambord wrote: “People wouldn’t park on Bath Street if car parks were free, but because they will never be free expect cars on Bath Street.”

Some people have welcomed the crackdown. In a comment on the Advertiser website one readers said: “Well done. Long overdue and let’s hope this is not a ‘one off’ and we see more of a police presence.”

The restrictions mean that vehicles are banned from Bath Street, and between 10am and 4pm only blue-badge holders and deliveries/traders can gain access.

In the first part of the crackdown, more than 100 drivers were pulled over in just a few hours.