MP does back Bombardier


I feel compelled to write to you regarding the comments made by Mrs Matthews on page 6 of the Ilkeston Advertiser dated 22nd September 2011.

I can only assume that Mrs Matthews is reffering to the Early Day Motion tabled by Chris Williamson MP. Early Day Motions have zero legislative effect.

By signing it, absolutely nothing changes. Early Day Motions cost the taxpayer over £600,000 a year to administer and they are grossly abused. Currently there are Early Day Motions in favour of compulsary playing of chess at school and a knighthood for Kenny Dalglish.

Is this an appropriate way for MPs to spend their time and our money?

I wrote to Jessica Lee regarding the Thameslink contract, to which she gave a full reply.

In addition she has gone on the march through Derby, met with the ministers in the department for transport and visited Downing Street to speak to the Prime Minister in person.

Mrs Matthews could not be wider of the mark if she tried when she says Jessica Lee does not support the workers of Bombardier.

Henry Oakley