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It is currently the annual Local Newspaper Week — a chance to throw the spotlight on the key role played by the ‘Tiser in the community it serves.

There are 1,100 local and regional newspapers with 1,600 websites in the UK – and the Ilkeston Advertiser is proud to be among them, bringing you all the important stories each week in the newspaper and 24-7 on our website.
In print, local papers are read by 31 million people a week and 62 million unique users visit local newspaper websites every month, including the thousands who go to www.
Web traffic to our websites has grown rapidly in recent years, increasing by a third in the last two years alone. 
Figures show that demand for local news and information has never been higher, with more people accessing it than ever before.What these millions of people have in common is that they place extremely high value upon the trusted local news and information provided by local papers.
They trust their local paper to report accurately and fairly on the issues that matter most to their lives. In the ‘Tiser area that includes issues such as housing developments on the greenbelt and plans to revive Ilkeston town centre in the face of one of the worst recessions felt by Britain.
We have also played a key role in the fight to bring a new train station to the town.
Reporting on important events isn’t always as easy as it might appear.
Often ‘news’ is information that a person, public body or private business doesn’t want you to read about.
We believe passionately that you have the right to be kept fully informed about what is happening.
But getting to the truth isn’t always easy and is certainly not something that should be taken for granted.
Sometimes, those involved in an important news event will seek to influence the way events are reported and try to ensure that they come out in a positive light.
Our job is to cut through the smokescreens and get to the true facts of the matter.
It can involve asking hard questions of people who may do almost anything to avoid giving a full and frank answer.Sometimes, it requires persistence and a willingness to stand by what you know to be right in the face of criticism.
But we don’t let evasive answers, unreturned phone calls prevent us from seeking to publish the truth.
This is what press freedom truly means — our right to responsibly seek out the true facts on your behalf and present them in a fair, accurate and balanced way.
Without this our democracy, and with it the basic freedoms we all enjoy, would be vulnerable to abuse by the rich and powerful, and those with vested interests to serve.
Defending press freedom is about defending our basic rights as citizens and we believe passionately that they are of fundamental importance to us all.

We are also the best place for local advertising too. If you are a firm in the area the best way to reach your target audience is through us - we are read and viewed by thousands of people each and every week.

Erewash MP Jessica Lee has given her support to the local press during Local Newspaper Week — and in particular the ‘Tiser.

She said: “Local newspapers have a huge value. We are very lucky with our local newspaper, the Ilkeston Advertiser, because it champions campaigns. For example the Advertiser was a huge help with the train station campaign but also highlights community events and headline news.

“I read it every week and look on the website every day. I do my bit to support our local newspaper.
“It’s of real value to the community.”

Our reporters are also out and about in the community and are available to talk to you on issues you think are important.

You can call us on 0115 9446160, email us at or pop in to our offices at 8 Heanor Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 8ER.

You can also contact us on Facebook at or tweet us at @IlkestonTiser.

We also welcome your opinions on all subjects, local or national.

You can send us your comments through social media or you can post us your letters.
Community, and the needs of our readers, are central to everything we do and if you have any thoughts on anything you would like to see more or less of in the paper, then get in touch too.

To find out what readers think of their local papers, turn to page 8.