MP Maggie Throup: ‘Life goes on after EU vote’

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I am sure everyone will be familiar with the saying: a week is a long time in politics.

Well, I would make that time span even shorter and agree with someone this week who said: a ‘tweet’ is a long time in politics.

It is just four weeks since the EU referendum and the result that will change our country for years to come. I was extremely disappointed when David Cameron resigned, but I am sure we all understand why he felt he had to.

Then the task to find a new Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister began. If you believe some of the national media reports, every Member of Parliament was spending their time plotting for and against the runners and riders.

Rest assured, this wasn’t the case. I was still attending the select committees I sit on and asking questions in the chamber as well as speaking during debates including one on blood cancers. And of course, I was also busy with my constituency work. Life goes on.

Getting a new Prime Minister in post happened rather quicker than expected, which I believe is the best possible outcome for the country as a whole and for business growth and jobs.

We have some amazing businesses locally and I was delighted to attend the official opening of new premises for a local business, Harlequin BPI. It is great to see local people making a real success of business, expanding and exporting.

This enthusiasm for success was also evident at a recent networking event for women in business organised by the Erewash Partnership. The variety of businesses all across Erewash is exciting and gives me great hope for the future.

I continue to visit local schools on a regular basis and over the last week I have been delighted to award certificates to all the winners of my Design a Birthday Card for the Queen competition. The Rocking Horse Nursery was the overall winner, with year group winners at both Granby and Charlotte schools.

I am pleased that the winners were chosen by public vote, as all of the 207 entries were amazing with corgis and crowns being very popular. I have sent every card to the Queen as I felt it was only right that she saw all the lovely designs created by our talented children in Erewash.

I surprised some of my male colleagues when I told them that I had been driving a bus! Trent Barton very kindly trusted me to drive one of their single decker, 40-foot long buses around their training ground.

I was nearly offered a job as my reversing was so good. But my experience did help me to appreciate the consideration needed for disabled passengers and those with push chairs and young children, as well as some of the incidences that the bus drivers have to cope with on a daily basis. I enjoyed the experience, but I’ll stick to being an MP.

My community office is located in Ilkeston in the old co-op building. I have an ‘open door’ policy, but I would appreciate it if you could respect my staff and the fact that it is a working office.

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