MP Maggie Throup pushes Theresa May in Parliament for a new M1 junction '˜25a'

As part of her plan for Erewash, MP Maggie Throup has pledged to tackle the growing problem of congestion across the local area and sees a new motorway junction as integral to achieving this.

Thursday, 3rd November 2016, 11:42 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:21 pm

During the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions at Westminster Mrs Throup pushed Theresa May over concerns about pressures the eastern route of HS2 phase two would place on junction 25 of the M1.

She told Mrs May: “It is imperative that we invest in new road infrastructure to support the additional traffic that will bring to the areas around the new station hubs.

“With that in mind, will my right honourable friend back my campaign for a new junction 25a of the M1 to ensure that Erewash residents do not get stuck in a jam?”

While not exactly committing to the new junction, Mrs May replied that ‘we need to ensure that the right roads infrastructure is in place.’

She added: “I understand that Highways England is looking at the issues in the East Midlands and at bringing forward significant new road enhancements around the expected site of the new East Midlands HS2 station.

“Going forward it is looking at an audit of roads in the area. I trust that on this issue my honourable friend will make her voice heard, and that of her constituents, as she has in the past.”

Speaking afterwards, Mrs Throup said: “At the heart of my plan for Erewash is the desire to improve the lives of local residents.

“Undoubtedly, congestion is a major concern across Erewash and having discussed many options with both residents and our local council, it is quite clear to me that we need to take a radical new approach.

“Establishing a new motorway junction would not only help relieve the current gridlock that exists at peak times through Sandiacre, but also prevent people from using Stanton-by-Dale as a rat run to and from the present junction on Bostocks Lane.

“It would also have major benefits in managing the increase in traffic from both Stanton Ironworks and the new HS2 Hub which is likely to be sited at nearby Toton.”