MP renews call for safety action on Morley school roads

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The roads around an Ilkeston school have been brought to the attention of transport ministers by an MP concerned for constituents’ safety.

Mid Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham is trying to make the roads near Morley Primary School safer after a parent in was seriously injured while driving in the area.

Pauline raised the issue in a parliamentary question session on transport on Thursday, January 12—having been pursuing the matter for more than a year already.

She said: “Before Christmas, a parent at Morley Primary School in my constituency was badly injured when driving in the school’s vicinity, because another car was going too fast, which is a regular occurrence.

“I have consistently requested that the county council change the speed limit and move the signs—only move them—but it consistently refuses to do so because, it says, nobody has been killed yet.”

She added: “I do not want a child, parent or anybody else to be killed. Is there any way that the minister can change the criteria by which councils decide to change such speed limits?”

Two men were taken to hospital following the incident on the A608 on November 24, but the road has long been a cause for concern.

In response, Andrew Jones MP, a junior minister at the Department for Transport, said: “Local authorities already have the powers to introduce lower speed limits where they think it is appropriate.

“I think that that should apply especially around schools. The decision does not have to be a reactive one—waiting until something happens—and it is inappropriate to think in such a way.”

The minister pledged to write to the county’s highways authority to highlight the powers that it already has.

Pauline has contacted the county council on the matter, and has also arranged for roads minister John Hayes MP to come to visit the area in the next few weeks.