MP’s praise for Duke stories

NILALC100507A4 - Erewash election. Conservative winner Jessica Lee
NILALC100507A4 - Erewash election. Conservative winner Jessica Lee

Erewash MP Jessica Lee praised the Ilkeston Advertiser in the House of Commons this week.

During a debate about Manorial Rights Jessica said: “In my constituency of Erewash, an issue has been raised about land owned by the Duke of Rutland.

“Our local newspaper has come into its own, airing the grievances and concerns of local residents but also allowing the landowner the right of reply, so that he can explain his position.

“I am sure that my hon. Friend has raised the issue in his area on behalf of his constituents, as he represents them; I continue to do the same for my constituents in Erewash.”

Readers are still contacting the ‘Tiser after letters were sent out by the Land Registry in October last year outlining changes to the way manorial rights are recorded.

Many have been left confused about the situation and question the Duke of Rutland’s reasoning behind renewing his rights despite his assurances that he has no plans to activate them.

Ilkeston’s Citizen’s Advice Bureau has also been inundated with requests for information and assistance on the matter.

Did you o r someone you know receive one of these letters? Are you currently in the process of challenging the Duke? Call the ‘Tiser newsdesk on 0115 9446165.