Mud pits at Erewash Canal are a ‘serious risk’

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A concerned dog walker has raised fears over two huge piles of sludge that have been dredged from the Erewash Canal and dumped at the waterside.

Julie Middleton, of Hallam Fields, told the Advertiser that the waste was “an accident waiting to happen.”

She fears a child or dog will get into trouble if they step into one of the mud-filled pits.

She said: “The fencing around the two holes is totally inadequate. If a kid or a dog gets in there then someone might die.”

The two pits, which together are roughly the size of half a football pitch, are filled with sludge that has been pulled from the bottom of the Erewash canal between Gallows Inn and an area locally known as Hot Waters.

Julie added: “It really is that dangerous.

“I walk my dogs down there and I see kids playing down there all the time, even more now that it’s getting warmer and the nights are lighter.

“I just want to make people aware that it’s there and to make sure parents tell their kids to stay away.

“There’s a sign saying caution deep mud but kids will see that and wonder how deep and something terrible might happen when they try to find out.”

As soon as the Advertiser made the Canal and River Trust aware of the concerns they set about improving the safety of the area.

A spokesman said: “As we needed full access to the area while we dredged the canal we could only put up a temporary barriers, however a contractor has now erected permanent fencing around the entire tip.

“There are also signs all around the tip advising of the dangers of deep mud and we would of course warn very strongly about staying out of the fenced area.

“We take public safety very seriously.”