Mum and daughter in moonlit fundraiser

Sharon Bartlett at the Moonlit marathon in 2011
Sharon Bartlett at the Moonlit marathon in 2011

A mother and daughter from West Hallam are set to take part in a marathon under the moonlight to raise money for breast cancer charities.

Sharon Bartlett, 49, and her teenage daughter Kerri, 16, will be taking part in the London event next month.

Sharon, who is also a teaching assistant, said: “Cancer has affected many people I love and care about.

“I wanted to raise awareness that it can affect men as well as women.”

Organised by health charity Walk the Walk Worldwide, Sharon and Kerri will be joining more than 17,000 people at the annual MoonWalk marathon event on Saturday, May 10.

Women from all over the country will take on the challenge, which will see them wearing hand-decorated bras, while walking through the streets and sights of London.

This will be the second time Sharon will be taking part following her 2011 efforts.

Sharon said: “ We will be wearing our own hand designed bra’s like last year, and are excited to receive them so we can get preparing.”

Founder of the event, Nina Barough, added: “It’s probably the most dynamic and inspiring night you could experience.”

Last year’s event raised £5.6 million for breast cancer charities across the UK.