Mum gives up work to manage sons’ band

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A West Hallam mum has given up her job to become the manager of her sons’ band.

Tonia Marston, 54, decided to take voluntary redundancy from her home-care job to dedicate herself to organising gigs for JayMo.

Her sons, Joe, 28, Jake, 25, and Jordan, 18, have been performing together for three years but have recently started taking bookings for events including weddings and corporate functions.

Tonia said: “It is a big step but how many people are in a position to be able to stop working and manage a band made up of their three talented sons?

“It had got to a point where the boys were taking bookings between themselves and promising to be in two places at the same time.

“They were being inundated with requests to perform but they were so unorganised, so I decided to go for it.”

Joe plays rock guitar and does backing vocals, Jake plays bass, lead and acoustic guitar, drums and piano and Jordan is lead singer, plays acoustic guitar and piano.

As well as performing the three brothers also play individual gigs.

Tonia said: “We had the instruments, the equipment and the boys’ talents and I have a business qualification so it was an easy decision and a ready-made set up.

“Things have been going really well.”

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