Mum slams council cuts to care system

Derbyshire County Council wants residents' views on their proposals for the mobile library service
Derbyshire County Council wants residents' views on their proposals for the mobile library service

The Ilkeston mum of a disabled man has slammed cuts to the social care system that were approved last week, and told the Advertiser the impact will be ‘massive’.

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) passed the controversial plans which will see more than 8,000 elderly and disabled people lose access to their home care and face paying more for help.

The move by the Labour-led authority – which needs to slash £157million from its budget by 2018 because of Government austerity – will help save £60m.

But Wendy Prati, of Norman Street, whose 32-year-old son Mark has a rare form of autism and learning difficulties, said the cuts will put other services under pressure.

She said: “My son will be directly affected by these changes.

“He lives on his own and already pays for care but this will make things worse.

“He suffers with anxiety as a result of his disability but I have had to tell him what will happen and he is very worried.

“All these cuts will do is add to the workload of other already stretched services.

“Without proper care people will end up in hospitals more and that puts pressure on the NHS, they could end up homeless because they need the support to live independently , they will rely more on their families.

“It’s disgusting.”

Councillor Clare Neill, DCC cabinet member for adult social care, said: “The county council is facing massive budget pressures like never before and we have to acknowledge that this will have a big impact on our services.

“I realise this is an anxious time for many.

“I will continue to talk to individuals, families and organisations about how the council could save money and how we can reduce the duplication with the health service. If I can find ways to save money in these areas it will reduce the scale of the cuts to frontline services in the future.”

Cllr Barry Lewis, leader of the Conservatives on DCC, accused the opposition of having a “salami-slicing” approach and said the cuts would lead to more pressures on the NHS.