Mum's outrage over bikini body fitness classes at Derbyshire school

A mum outraged at bikini body fitness classes at a Derbyshire school claims it is giving the wrong message to young girls.

Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 4:11 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 5:16 pm
Mum Sarah Jayne Reeves who is outraged at bikini body fitness classes at Ripley Academy. Photo SWNS.

Mum-of-two Sarah Reeves wrote a letter to the head of The Ripley Academy to voice her concerns.

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The fit 42-year-old, who plays rugby, said: “I’m all for kids enjoying and getting into fitness but enough of the sexualisation.”

Sarah says her 11-year-old daughter will be starting at the school in September.

She has friends who have kids there and they were chatting about the classes.

The teaching assistant, who also has a seven-year-old boy, said: “The general thoughts among us all was that it was appalling. We agreed we ought to let our feelings be know.

“It is something that I feel very strongly about.

“As a mum of a young daughter it is an area that scares me.

“It seems the world is one that is over sexualised, with celebrities, models and magazines all giving the image that girls should be skinny and wear little clothing - should they get this message from school too.

“Yes, it’s important to promote health and fitness but it needs to be done in the right way. Putting extra pressure on our girls is not setting the right example.

“My daughter is slim and very fit, she plays football. But she is also very young. I don’t want her going to bikini body classes - it sounds like it is something for women, not young girls.

“It’s also rather worrying that all this seemed to happen without the head knowing about it. Shouldn’t the head be overseeing all extra-curricular activities.

“I believe the school has brilliant provision for sports. They ought to keep it that way.”