Need help sticking to those resolutions?

Husband and wife, Louise and Gary Atkins open DE7 Gym in Ilkeston.
Husband and wife, Louise and Gary Atkins open DE7 Gym in Ilkeston.

The first week of January is not a good time to get on the scales, as I discovered a few days ago.

Despite the little voice in my head screaming ‘Don’t do it’, there I stood in my bathroom in the aftermath of the Christmas feasting, a good few pounds heavier and trying to work out how Insanity sessions I could squeeze in over the next week.

It tends to be a bit of a cliché, vowing to lose weight for a new year’s resolution but it’s almost unavoidable, along with all those promises of giving up the booze or quitting smoking. On New Year’s Eve two of my friends declared, glass of wine in hand, that they were so sick of drinking that they were giving up alcohol for the whole of January. So far, so good, but then we are only five days into January as I write this.

January can be a long, dark and depressing month, which is probably one of the reasons why people give up on the promises they made to themselves at the start of the month. Gyms are usually busting at the seams with new members who are full of good intentions, but numbers start to dwindle off as motivation lapses and people find themselves paying for a membership they are barely using.

The key is to find something you enjoy doing and stick with it. Having been to numerous gyms over the years,the thought of spending half an hour on a cross trainer and making my way around the machines bores me to death. I’d much rather do a class, like body combat, which incorporates martial arts, or Insanity, the high-intensity workout programme from America. After an hour of this you’re normally left lying in a heap on the floor and dripping in sweat. Not a pleasant thought, but proof that it’s doing the job.

The popularity of Insanity classes has seen them introduced at Victoria Park Leisure Centre. For those who want to start small there are loads of ways to stick to the new year’s fitness regime. For example, if you want to take up running but have never done it before, the Jog Derbyshire group starts in West Hallam on Tuesday January 13, starting from the community centre car park on Station Road at 6.30pm. Email westhallam to sign up.

Below is a list of groups and sports organisations in Ilkeston that can help you reach your goals:

• Ilkeston Running Club meets twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday evening, at the reception of Rutland Sports Park. Membership forms for 2015 can be found on their website at ilkeston

• A group for people who have issues with overeating starts on Tuesday, January 13. The new weekly meeting of Overeaters Anonymous will be held from 8pm until 9pm at the Wellbeing Centre, Weleda, on Heanor Road.

•De7 Fitness on Critchley Street is offering membership for £24 per month for its studio-based classes, which include a huge range of classes and diet mentoring - or £15 per month for classes from 9am to 3pm.

• Platinum Gym on Booths Trading Estate offers a range of price packages, including £20 a month membership for women and £30 a month for men. More information can be found at

• Curves is aimed just at women. Based at Booths Industrial Estate, Awsworth it incorporates a fitness and healthy eating programme. More information can be found at

• Manor-Fit sessions have been launched at The Manor Health and Racquets Club on Manners Road. The class aims to be varied, easy to do, great fun and something that doesn’t require a lot of technical equipment. More information can be found at

•There are stop smoking clinics in Ilkeston and Long Eaton. Log on to for help and advice about quitting, where you can also calculate how much you’d save by giving up the cigs.

• If you think you drink to much and want help on how to stop, there are a number of websites, including and

Advice and links can also be found at