New approach to put out Stanton blaze

Fire at recycling facility, Stanton-by-Dale.
Fire at recycling facility, Stanton-by-Dale.

Authorities have agreed on a new approach to deal with the Stanton fire.

A multi-agency meeting was held on the site earlier this week to discuss the available solutions.

Representatives from the Environment Agency, Health Protection Agency, Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue, Erewash Borough Council, Saint Gobain PAM and Broxtowe Borough Council were all in attendance.

It was agreed by all parties that extinguishing the fire is the first priority.

Using water was ruled out due to the difficulty of controlling the run-off so it was agreed that the fire should be smothered by burying the hot ash in pits on the adjacent site.

The site is covered with a layer of foundry slag which is non-combustible and sits on top of a thick layer of clay which will prevent the contamination of groundwater.

The work should take about ten days.