New college site will be boost for town

Derby College Ilkeston site. Planned development on New Lawn Road.
Derby College Ilkeston site. Planned development on New Lawn Road.

As a member of staff at Derby College, based in Ilkeston, I am urged to respond to the negative article Yes to College Plan and Parking ‘Chaos’ (Advertiser August 30). Perhaps some of the residents concerns about parking are really about their own loss of overnight parking, you only have to observe the vehicles parked in the court car park some nights at the moment.

As for “being out of kilter” with existing buildings; the derelict garage has now gone so that on that side of the site there is bare land to be replaced by modern residential structures, across the road from existing post war municipal brick courthouse there is an urban eyesore of the reservoir with its huge plain walls and then there is the rear of the town hall, a relatively modern office block and nothing like the housing stock in that area of the town. What would the concerned resident suggest a new building fitted-in with? Perhaps the art-deco cinema which is across the concrete car park.

The council has the power to solve any parking issues with its own Market Place car park, issuing passes to college users or a similar scheme, after all the town needs some rejuvenation and can’t carry on for much longer with just charity shops and gold pawning establishments, Ilkeston needs to draw more people into the town.

The existing college is certainly dated, rundown and needs to be replaced. Relocating to the centre of town makes sense for both Ilkeston’s college and Ilkeston and some positivity on this issue from Ilkeston’s only newspaper wouldn’t hurt.

Funding this new building in the current financial climate needs the sale of old site to be approved and supermarkets appear to be the only people with money at the present time. Tesco needs some competition in the town as it has a virtual monopoly at present, so this means of funding will be good for Ilkeston’s college and good for Ilkeston too.

If the college closes in Ilkeston, this will not be good for Ilkeston or the existing staff, SAVE OUR COLLEGE, it already appears that the Mundy Street site has closed in Heanor, perhaps forever.

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