New long term plan will benefit NHS in Erewash

Margaret Throup - UK Parliament official portraits 2017
Margaret Throup - UK Parliament official portraits 2017

With the clock ticking to March 29 and Brexit tensions running high in Westminster, the time has come for MPs on both sides, leave or remain, to now make clear what type of deal would command their support.

Following the defeat on the proposed withdrawal agreement, I am encouraged that the Prime Minister, who I believe remains the most capable person to deliver Brexit, is reaching out cross-party to leaders and senior MPs in order to form a consensus that will break the Brexit deadlock.

I have continually said that I would vote for a deal that respects the result of the referendum. For me this means nothing less than an agreement which ends the free movement of people and restores our ability to negotiate free trade agreements, whilst also returning full control over our money and our laws, is acceptable, either to myself or to the majority of the people of Erewash who voted to leave in the referendum in June 2016.

It is also crucial that we continue to deliver on our wider domestic agenda to reform our key public services.

The government’s new long term plan for our NHS will ensure that our health service will continue to be there, for you and your family, when you most need it.

At its core, the plan promotes the idea that prevention is better than cure, marking a clear shift towards our health service promoting good health not just curing illness, while helping to place it on a sustainable footing for the long term. That is why the biggest uplift in spending will be an extra £4.5 billion for primary medical and community health services.

As your MP, I want to ensure that we here in Erewash receive our fair share of this funding which will allow our local facilities, such as Ilkeston Community Hospital, to continue to flourish.

Healthcare in Erewash remains at an exceptional standard with staff working tirelessly.

From doctors, nurses and paramedics to local volunteers, such as the League of Friends, we all greatly value their hard work and the dedication shown to the health of our nation.