Nikhola’s dancers are champion

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When Nichola Buckley launched Team Revolution she had no idea how much of talented group of dancers she had taken under her wing.

Girls and boys in the dance group, launched at the end of last year, competed for the first time back in April and brought back 17 trophies, competed in a second competition earlier this month and won 15, and came home with another ten after taking part in the Nottinghamshire Championships last weekend.

Nichola, who runs classes in Brinsley and Awsworth, said: “Over the years I have taught dancing, if you have seven children come home with trophies that’s good, so to have children who have not competed before to do that well is just amazing.

“It felt fabulous and it was a huge boost for the kids.”

The successful Team Revolution has just been sponsored by Next so Nichola can invest in flashy outfits for the group to compete in.

The dance principal said this was another a huge achievement, because alongside the Olympics, there is only a handful of organisations sponsored by the clothing giant this year.

“I was over the moon,” she said.

“Because of the recession it’s hard to get sponsorship anywhere so for Next to sponsor us was great. I think they must have liked the idea that it gets kids off the streets and it keeps them active.”

Sue Smith’s daughter Georgia is a dancer for Team revolution and Sue said it was the best thing her daughter had ever done.

“A year ago she had no confidence. I got her along to a class and she dances three times a week now. Her fitness levels have gone through the roof and last year she auditioned for the Christmas play for the first time ever.

“She’s got a whole different circle of friends there, it’s like a family to her. It’ something structured.”

The group is doing a dancing demonstration at Awsworth Junior School today, May 25, and tomorrow they are doing a fundraising bag pack at Marks and Spencer in Ilkeston.

On June 4 they will do another demonstration at Awsworth school as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and on July 7, they will be taking part in the Awsworth Party on the Rec event.

Anyone interested in joining should call Nichola on 07916 567 600.