No abuse of claims

NILALC100809B1 - Ilkeston Town Hall
NILALC100809B1 - Ilkeston Town Hall

No borough councillors have deliberately abused their travel expenses, an audit report has found.

Erewash Borough Council has looked at all councillors’ mileage claims since the borough elections in May 2011.

A ‘very limited number’ were found to have claimed for travel to meetings they attended as observers rather than as members of a committee.

Some claimed for travel to meetings in their role as parish councillors rather than for the borough and ‘a very small minority’ claimed for ‘longer than the shortest route’.

Leader Cllr Chris Corbett said he was ‘very pleased but not surprised’.

“We are all human and sometimes make mistakes, which is why every single expenses claim form is always checked and signed by two employees of the council,” he said.

“I can understand that because any discrepancies were so rare they were not spotted and advised to the claimant at the time before the claims were authorised and paid.”

Labour councillors accused the Tories of abusing their expenses earlier this year.

Cllr Corbett added: “Now that this matter has been investigated thoroughly, it is time to move on and for both political parties to work together for what is best for Erewash and its residents”.