No good to shoppers

When I picked up the Advertiser a fortnight ago I was pleasantly surprised.

I thought,thank goodness the councillors for Ilkeston are finally listening to sense and doing something to help Ilkeston regenerate.

Then I read on.... free parking between 8am and 10am!

What good is that to shoppers?

Most shops don’t open until 9am... and anyone coming into the town before 9am can park on the back streets as the residents’ parking scheme in the town area doesn’t start until it’s free to park on the back streets anyway.

This is a half-hearted attempt to look like they are doing something.Sorry, it’s not good enough.

With the recent news that we will be losing the rest of the concessions in the Co-op building, only retaining the Post Office and the supermarket, we need to be looking at giving free parking for a minimum of two hours to each shopper anytime of the day. And our councillors need to start doing something about getting some of the big-name stores back in to the town centre.

Mandy Price,

Ilkeston, address supplied.