No need for supermarket


I have lived on Field Road for 27 years and I am dismayed by the proposals put forward by Derby College to change the use of the Field Road site.

It is only a few years ago that millions of pounds were spent upgrading the college facilities and it is now proposed that the whole complex should be demolished.

Not only am I concerned about this waste of money but I am also appalled by the proposal to build a supermarket on the land.

Ilkeston does not need a new supermarket. If one is built on this site then it will sound the death knell for the businesses on South Street. Do the planners have no foresight?

I fear that no amount of protesting will alter the course of events planned for Field Road but I would ask the planners to think carefully before bringing yet more traffic, from the supermarket shoppers and the residential properties due to be built, to Nottingham Road, where traffic is already at a standstill during the rush hour at the beginning and end of the working day.

The creation of a traffic island at the junction of Park Road and Nottingham Road will only make this worse.

I cannot understand the arguments put forward about moving the college to the centre of town.

The college is already close to the centre of town. It is said that businesses will benefit from the students spending money in the town but I fail to see how this will benefit the butcher, the deli, the flower shop, the bakery and the greengrocer of South Street whose businesses will almost certainly be affected by the building of a supermarket.

I was interested to note that the planners involved in the redevelopment are based in Harrogate. I wonder if such a development would be permitted in that beautiful town?

Perhaps it doesn’t matter to anyone what happens in Ilkeston. Certainly all of these decisions are being made by people who do not live here.

Yours sincerely,

A Field Road resident