No shops for students

Derby College Field Road campus Supermarket plan
Derby College Field Road campus Supermarket plan

Regarding the plans to build a new college. Why can’t things just stay as they are? David Cameron says we should preserve playing fields, will the new site have playing fields? I don’t think so.

Councillors seem to think students will shop more in town, well I certainly don’t know where they will shop as shops are disappearing very fast. In fact there are more cafes and take aways on Bath Street now than there has ever been.

The college as it stands now has a good playing field and plenty of parking for cars and the building itself is not old. It seems that these councillors want to ruin Ilkeston, but as most of the councillors don’t live in Ilkeston why should they care?

As for building affordable housing, all those houses that were demolished for the relief road could have been modernised. I am sure that would not have cost as much as the relief road and there would have been no need to knock the college down and build on the playing field. We have to hope that when local elections are held that people will remember what this present council has done to Ilkeston.

Mrs B Matthews

East Street