Not surprised at walk out


At the last full council meeting (Thursday March 8) Cllr F. Phillips repeatedly refused to accept the rulings of the Mayor and at one stage he was standing jabbing his finger across the chamber and shouting at me and others, whilst the mayor was asking him to return to his seat.

The continued rude behaviour by Councillor F. Phillips was unacceptable and it was the first time for many years that the mayor had been forced to use the council’s rule book to formally rule that a councillor be no longer heard.

The next step would have been to exclude him from the rest of the meeting.

As you may have heard, Cllr F. Phillips and 50 per cent of the Labour Group then walked out of the council chamber.

Fortunately, for their electors, the remaining twelve Labour councillors stayed in the rest of the meeting and so contributed to the remaining discussions.

I am disappointed, but not surprised, at the abysmal behaviour of the deputy leader of the Labour group, although I suspect this may have been partly caused by the fact he lost the debates as well as the votes as we discussed the freezing of the council tax in the budget for the coming year.

Cllr Chris Corbett

Leader of Erewash Borough Council