Nothing to scare

Ilkeston town hall
Ilkeston town hall

I would like to reply to the letter from Cllr McGraw concerning possible boundary changes in Erewash and particularly the new suggested wards containing Stanley and Stanley Common. I disagree with her letter and it seems to be trying to scare the residents of Stanley and Stanley Common into believing all manner of unwanted things will happen should changes be made. The Boundary Commission asked Erewash Borough Council to consider reducing the number of councillors, the Conservatives and Labour both put forward suggestions and the Conservative suggestion of reducing to 47 was accepted. Now the task is on to change some of the ward boundaries to reduce the number of councillors by four. We have been asked for suggestions that would still keep a sense of identity and community but at the same time balance the number of residents that each councillor represents. The Conservative suggestion for the Erewash Rural North was to incorporate Stanley Village into the Little Eaton, Breadsall and Morley wards (Stanley does adjoin Morley) and the Stanley Common ward to join the West Hallam/Dale Abbey ward and, of course, Stanley Common adjoins West Hallam. These changes would make absolutely no difference to the parish council, there would still be a Stanley and Stanley Common Parish Council. It is a shame that Cllr McGraw is unable to attend the local parish meeting very often and the benefit of these changes would mean that there would be better representation of borough councillors who could attend these meetings and liaise with the parish council.
Cllr McGraw lists a lot of things that happen in Stanley and Stanley Common and appears to say that these possible changes would have a detrimental effect, why? If anything they will be enhanced with better representation. She also intimates that these changes would have a major effect on the Greenbelt in the two villages, can I say that I believe this is wrong. The controlling Conservative Group value the Greenbelt and will protect it whenever and wherever possible.

Cllr Carol Hart

Deputy Leader - Erewash Borough Council and ward member - West Hallam/Dale Abbey.