OAP breaks hip after being hit by scooter

AN 84-YEAR-OLD woman who suffered a broken hip after being mowed down by a mobility scooter has backed calls to have people tested before they are allowed to use them.

Joyce Steeples, of Shipley View, was hit by a lady using a mobility scooter outside Tesco a fortnight ago.

She has spent the last two weeks in the Queen’s Medical Centre and doctors have told her it will be at least six weeks before she can move comfortably again.

Mrs Steeples said: “I was just walking along after doing some shopping and the next thing I knew I was on the floor in agony and semi-conscious.

“I looked up and remember seeing this woman and she was just shouting at me saying ‘I did say excuse me’ but I obviously hadn’t heard her.

“She didn’t really know how to use the thing because she kept reversing back trying to get away from me then bashing into me again over and over.”

A passing police patrol car stopped and called an ambulance for Mrs Steeples. Paramedics arrived and helped to get her on her feet and then took her home.

The next morning when a neighbour called in to check on Mrs Steeples he found her collapsed on the floor and unable to move.

He dialled 999 and an ambulance took her to the hospital where x-rays revealed the extent of her injuries which left her needing an operation to repair her left hip bone.

Earlier this month, we revealed how a toddler in a pram was struck by a mobility scooter in the Albion Centre leading to calls for greater regulation on mobility scooter users.

And Mrs Steeples has thrown her weight behind those demands after her painful experience.

She added: “If it were a car that had ran me over there would have been something done about it but there’s no regulating these scooter users.

“I’ve seen them before, they go at such a speed about town, they’re dangerous.

“There’s people driving them that have never driven a car before and I know they are different vehicles but just anyone can go and get one and ride it about.

“I was a good walker before now and I just hope that I still will be when I get better. It was a big shock when it happened but I’m ok now.

“I’m going to write a letter to the hospital because all of the staff there were fantastic. My neighbours and friends and family have been looking after me since I came home and I couldn’t have managed without them all.

“I’m slowly on the mend and hopefully I’ll be up and about again soon.”