OAP’s fall led to death

A PENSIONER died as a result of falling out of bed and hitting her head an inquest has heard.

Pauline Holmes, a resident at West Hallam’s Bramble Lodge residential home, was found by staff in the early hours of February 11.

They called an ambulance after seeing that she had a cut to her head.

Paramedics assessed the 84-year-old and decided to take her into hospital for further treatment.

After being kept in for observation Mrs Holmes was sent for a CT scan.

Results showed there was a bleed on the brain and medics decided that they should not operate.

She was discharged and went to the Ladywood Nursing Home in Kirk Hallam where she lived until her death on March 26 this year.

Dr Ivan Robinson, consultant pathologist at the Royal Derby Hospital, gave the cause of death as pneumonia and a urinary tract infection as a result of a subdural haematoma.

Sue Cumberland, manager at Bramble Lodge Residential Home, also gave evidence.

Deputy Assistant Coroner Louuise Pinder returned a verdict of accidental death.

Summarising she told the court that the conditions given as the primary causes of death would not have occurred if Mrs Holmes had not fallen and hit her head.

She added: “All necessary action was taken by staff at Bramble Lodge residential home.”