OAPs to suffer due to budget


Jessica Lee in her comments on the Budget makes the makes the claim that Britain was on the brink of bankruptcy necessitating George Osborne’s measures.

In fact, at the General Election, despite his and David Cameron’s strenuous efforts to talk them down, Britain’s Credit Ratings stood at Triple A.

We had entered the world wide Financial melt down with the second lowest Public Sector Debt of the advanced Industrial Nations. She also claimed that the “Granny Tax” was just a “simplification”, clearly she does not know that tax experts say that this Budget’s Finance Bill is the longest ever!

George Osbone is on record as believing that it is a function of capital markets that people make money out of the misery of others; he has put that belief into practice with budget tax increases on pensioners which raise twice those on the super-rich.

I know not all Conservatives share Osborne’s extreme belief but Ms Lee clearly does.

However the most offensive part of Ms Lee’s comments come from her parroting of the Tory Party line that pensioners are being well treated by the “largest cash rise ever at £5.30 a week”.

Does she think that we don’t know that this, far from being a real rise is just a mane of recompensing us for the big increases we have suffered in our cost of living resulting from the present Government’s policies.

Peter Thorne