Ilkeston pub fishes £1,500 out of toilet for charity

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An Ilkeston pub manager who has fished more than £1,500 out of the urinals this week, says he will give the money to a military veterans’ charity.

Joe Nixon, 55, who runs the Poacher on South Street, made the startling discovery as he was cleaning the gents’ toilets ahead of refurbishment works at the pub.

The incredible haul has been building up for at least 12 months, as drinkers dropped loose change while they spent a penny.

He said: “The toilets are being done up, so I had to do a full clean. I knew there were a few coppers in the trough but the waves of 1ps, 2ps and 5ps just kept coming.

“I couldn’t believe how much money was actually in there. I think the punters were just as shocked as me.”

Joe rolled up his sleeves and donned long gloves to collect the coins, then took on the task of disinfecting and cleaning them before heading to the bank.

He said: “The decision to give the funds to charity took no more than a second.

“We’re giving it to Help the Heroes, a charity which we always try to help. These people come out of the forces and no one does enough for them—it’s easy to forget what they’ve done for us.”

The Poacher will close on Monday, January 30, for works that will see the lounge, bar, toilets, back garden and exteriors fully renovated. It is expected to reopen on Friday, February 10.

The pub will also be changing its name back to its original title, The Prince of Wales.

Joe is putting together plans for an official presentation evening later in the month when the cash will be handed over.

Help for Heroes supports servicemen and women who injured in the line of duty.

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