Offer Mayor Albion spot

Your readers and the people of Ilkeston are quite right to be sceptical of the council’s ‘free car parking’ offer.

I believe it is the option which costs the council the least money. Though the figure of loss has been quoted as some £80,000, no timescale has been given.

At the council budget meeting in March, before the Derbyshire County Council elections, we now find out that only £187,000 is to be spent on ‘regeneration’ and that some of the money is to be spent in Long Eaton.

Not content with, in my opinion, short-changing our shopping areas, this Conservative administration is now seeking to take the Mayor away from Ilkeston by letting the mayoral accommodation to the registrar.

The Mayor of Erewash comes from the old Ilkeston Borough days and is an Ilkeston institution, not a Long Eaton one, which was only an urban district council.

The only civic accommodation left for the mayor to entertain guests would be at Long Eaton Town Hall.

A far better solution, in my view, would be to offer accommodation for the registrar in the Albion Centre, which is disability compliant and has plenty of car-parking nearby.

Cllr Frank Phillips,

Ilkeston Central Ward.