Overeaters Anonymous group launches in Ilkeston

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A new group for people who overeat will be held in Ilkeston in the new year.

The Overeaters Anonymous meetings have been set up by an Ilkeston woman who has overcome her own battle with food after joining the OA group in Nottingham.

Sam, 33, has been an over eater since a young age and would find herself hiding food and lying to her husband about how much she had eaten.

Though she would eat three meals a day, Sam would continue to eat sugary snacks or crisps in between. She likened it to eating ‘one long meal every day’.

She said: “I used to have eating competitions with my grandad. I would eat if I was happy and eat if I was sad. I could aways put it away and then got an office job and got bigger and bigger.

“I didn’t know what hunger felt like because when I felt anxious or excited it felt exactly the same as being hungry. There was no point where my body said I’d had enough, I would just eat until I felt sick.

“I once went out for lunch with a friend and she ordered a salad and I had three deserts. Because of the programme I can now stop when I’m full.

“Last year I found about OA. I was a size 18 and four and a half stone heavier at the time.”

Sam joined OA last year but strayed from the 12-step plan. She left the group and ‘lost control’. After going back in January she has now managed to overcome her battle.

She said: “There were times when I would binge and think I’d failed but it’s about progress, not perfection.”

Anyone interested in the meeting can call Sam on 078439 42118.