Owner’s warning after cat attacked

Dwayne Landeg and Leigh McMahon.
Dwayne Landeg and Leigh McMahon.

A pet owner wants to issue a warning after her cat was left with broken ribs and punctured lungs when it was attacked.

Vets treating Leigh McMahon’s 18-month-old cat Lucifer said that the injuries would have been the result of a bite.

The mum of three who lives on Wirksworth Road, Kirk Hallam, told the Advertiser: “We thought he was going to die.

“He came back in a right state and it was horrible to see.

“He was very seriously ill when we first took him to the vet and we were all very concerned about him.

“I thought he’d been hit by a car or something to start with but the vet said he’d definitely been attacked by another animal because the injuries he got were caused by a bite, maybe a dog or a fox.

“I live just behind the park so it could easily have been either.

“With not knowing what it was I just want to let people know to be on the look out.”

Leigh, who lives with her partner Dwayne Landeg and three children, Liam, Sheri-Leigh and Phoebe, said that the family’s five cats are now being kept in as she’s scared to let them out.

She added: “Lucifer’s having lots of rest and is getting a lot better now.

“I’m keeping them all in though just in case, I daren’t let any of them go out.

“I don’t know if the same thing has happened to anyone else but it would be good to just make people aware.

“It’s difficult with cats though because they go off on their own and you don’t really know what they are up to.”