Owner ‘watched as dog attacked cat’

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A family cat was left needing more than £600 worth of vet treatment after it was viciously attacked by a dog as its owner allegedly stood watching.

Bertie the black and white cat was in the front garden of his Larklands home when he was bitten by the dog as Sonja Bredgaard watched helplessly through her front window.

She said: “We were unable to get out in time to help Bertie and the dog’s owner simply stood shrugging her shoulders and didn’t make the slightest attempt to remove her dog. I wonder if she just thought he was chasing Bertie and didn’t realise but we could see what was happening and it was horrible.”

Several hours after the attack, Bertie came back into the house covered in blood with tooth marks on his body.

As a result of his injuries Bertie has had to visit the vet’s three times a week since the attack last month.

He has had two operations and several courses of antibiotics.

Twelve-year-old twins Stella and Linus have been helping to look after him and accompanying him to vet trips.

Sonja said: “The skin where the dog’s tooth had penetrated had split and there were several times when we could actually see his insides.

“It has been an incredibly upsetting time, it’s not nice to see any animal suffering.

“I have spent more than £600 on his vet’s bills so far and there will be more to come.”

The owner of the dog who attacked Bertie has not asked after the animal or offered an apology, it is claimed.

She said: “As a dog owner myself I would be horrified if my dog did that and would offer not only an apology but also recompense.”

At his last check-up Bertie was said to be recovering well from the second operation but will be left with permanent damage to his leg that will require future treatment.

Sonja added: “I don’t blame the dog for what happened, most dogs like to chase cats, but the owner was clearly unable to keep control of her dog, I just hope she didn’t realise what he’d done and walked off.

“Owners should be responsible enough to take their dogs for training or perhaps consider using a muzzle when taking it out to avoid incidents like this happening.”