Owners’ warning after ‘petrifying’ dog attack

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A Kirk Hallam couple have warned other dog owners after their pet Shar Pei was attacked by an English bull terrier as its owner stood and watched.

Kimberley Holmes and Garreth Gold were walking three-year-old Stan when the dog, which was not on a lead, attacked.

Kimberley, 28, said: “It was petrifying, we couldn’t get the dog off Stan.

“If I’d have been on my own he would have died, I could never have got him free so it was a good job that Gareth was with me.

“It was so horrible and unprovoked, the other dog just pounced on Stan and started biting his throat.

“There was no way anyone could have stopped it, what if it had been a child?”

After the attack, which happened on the playing fields near Wirksworth Road, the pair took Stan to the vet.

Kimberley said: “The vet said if it was a asmaller dog or a different breed even the attack would have killed them.

“It was only because it was on Stan’s neck where he has loose skin that he survived.”

The couple, who have been left with a £400 vets bill, reported the incident to police.

Gareth added: “Kim is scared to take Stan out alone now.

“I didn’t have any injuries but the dog did attempt to go for me when I was fighting to get it off.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it and it’s certainly nothing anybody else should go through.”